FAME, Forever Annual Mathematics Exhibition, is a showcase and celebration of learning where K-12 students from across the Greater Victoria School District share their in-depth mathematics inquiry projects with their peers, educators, parents, math experts and community members during an afternoon event.  Students investigate a mathematical topic and inquiry question of their choice and creatively present their findings on their own or in small groups.  

Students who participate in FAME…

  1. IDENTIFY a mathematical area of interest;
  2. FORMULATE an inquiry question;
  3. INVESTIGATE to construct new knowledge;
  4. DESIGN creative and effective presentation materials; and
  5. SHARE at the live FAME event.

FAME began in SD61 in 1997-98 as an academic enrichment opportunity for secondary students, and since 2001 the event has been open to middle and elementary students. The event has been typically held in the S.J. Willis Auditorium and can draw big numbers. In 2016, there were 117 projects and 204 students shared their mathematical learning at this event.

The year, as FAME grows and celebrates its 20th year, the event is supported and presented by SD61’s Learning Team. To learn more, contact Tiffany Poirier, District Vice Principal, Learning Team at tpoirier@sd61.bc.ca